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Findus “Beef” Lasagne Jockey

So you might find this a little childish, but rather than get all worked up that horse meat has been finding its way into Findus “Beef” Lasagnes, my brain went elsewhere. 5-10 minutes worth of photoshop later…

I posted it to G+, Facebook and Twitter (gotta practice what you preach, right?), and expected a few comments, retweets etc. If there’s anyone thing that my early rising gives me and that’s a head start on any news stories that I want to mock in memes or otherwise daft image manipulation, so I was first off the mark here.

Sometime yesterday evening however one of my colleagues noticed that the Daily Mail (of all people) picked up my image in their “Online jokers make fun of Findus horse scandal with hilarious images” piece. That’s pretty cool right? Well, wrong, not when they’ve neglected to cite their source…

They do know how to do it thought, they seem to have managed with most of the other images on the page!

Lessons learnt from this:

  1. A “funny” or “witty” take on something, if published quickly, has optimum sharing potential

  2. Add “branding” to funny images – even if it does make you look like a bit narcissistic

  3. Don’t share an image without linking it to a blog post (something I constantly tell everyone else!)

  4. The Daily Mail web team haven’t been to university or at least aren’t bothered by finding the source for their article content

  5. I probably shouldn’t be so precious about what I publish to the internet (especially as I didn’t cite the image sources for the original post)

Ah well, it’s all good fun really – now I just need some mass-media attention to some of my more thoughtful or considered creations rather than a childish joke and 10 minute photoshop job!

No horses were harmed in the making of this blog post.


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