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SEO Skills Assessment

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Update: I as well as some small tweaks and changes I have added functionality which will enable you to email a copy of the assessment to yourself. I am still looking for further feedback on the experience - good & bad elements - so please drop me a message if you get the chance.

I have been spending some time recently (and less recently) considering how SEOs in the industry and develop their skills and what skills are most useful in certain circumstances (for example, an agency). Having received some great feedback from my SEO Skills post, I have decided to start migrating this into a format that will become more & more useful as time goes on.

What we have here is the first iteration of the SEO Skills Assessment calculator. This is still in the early stages (I've not "launched" it yet), so as you're here it is likely because you have volunteered to help testing this. If that's the case, thank you - I appreciate your time here. If that's not the case, I hope you find it useful anyway!

Your feedback

The calculator (below) is a work in progress; the data, how the calculations work AND the actual UI of the calculator itself are all in the early stages. I'm aware of what I think the problems are, but I'm more interested in what you think.

I am interested to hear your overall experience, but more than this, I'd love to know how useful the outputs are to you and what you might do with this information vs what you would need more help with.

Let me know what you think either via the comments below or via Twitter (my DMs are open).

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