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Google Search Console Regex Filter Builder

If you want to report on page groups within Google Search Console, their filters are pretty essential. Where the pages can be grouped by directory or keyword it's super simple, however, if your page group is more nuanced, you will need to use regex for this.

Regex filters in Google Search Console

Regex filters are pretty simple to use when you get used to them, most of you will only need to use pretty basic rules to get the most out of GSC:

  • | - a pipe (downward line) means "or" so match this OR that

  • .* - Means match anything up to, or after an expression (depending on where it is)

  • ( ) - You can use parenthesis to create matching groups

  • [0-9] - Matches any number between 0 and 9

There are many more - this guide is a great place if you want to start on regex, and Regex101 is how I test all the regex I write.

Regex Filter Builder

If you don't have the patience to build the regex yourself, but you have a list of URLs you want to match I've built something in Google Sheets which may be helpful.

Click the link below & then save a copy (you'll need a Google account). Paste the URLs into column A, enter in the hostname (that will be stripped out) and then it'll give you the regex you will need.

The main issue you may find is that Google Search Console has a limit to the length of the regex in the filter. If you're hitting the limits the segment you're trying to create may be too big, OR you may need to cut the Regex some more - which will be great practice of course!



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