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Long Tail Keyword/ Blog Title Generator

Long Tail keyword makers and blog title generators aren’t exactly new, in fact you could almost say I’m a little late to the party here. Many Excel ninja’s have probably produced far more intricate and comprehensive ways of generating keyword ideas, blog titles, ways to solve world peace etc. Either way, since I’ve recently started outsourcing blog writing such a tool has started to feel more and more necessary.

Long Tail Keyword and Blog Title Generator Excel

This is where I give you guys a choice, if you want to skip my chatter and get down to the Long Tail Keyword/ Blog Title generator just click on the following link and leave me a +1 or a like on your way out – ta.

For those of you still with me, I should add a few pointers; Firstly, the excel spreadsheet I’m using is a slightly modified version of one that was provided by Yoav Ezer on the Search Engine People blog, and I can’t take credit for about 95% of the generator’s usefulness. Secondly, how useful can such a tool be now, with SEO the way it is?

There has been a lot written about guest blogging recently – and I mean A LOT, outreach freelancers, agency and in-house staff alike have become a familiar face on the major SEO and web marketing blogs,  singing the virtues of guest blogging when done right. In a nutshell guest blogging done right, for those who didn’t know, is concise, courteous, creative and compelling. Why is this relevant now? Well if you haven’t noticed the idea of a blog title generator doesn’t exactly scream originality – for shame Chris, hang your head!

…guest blogging done right… is concise, courteous, creative and compelling.

In my defence I’m not the first, nor the last to use such a tool, eroding true authorship of articles and guest blogs was happening long before I started working in it. But in all seriousness, my main reason for using the generator was a springboard to more ideas. Input a list of destinations in the subject field and then a series of prefixes I.e. “Top 10 places in…” and then some suffixes for good measure “… for beginners” and you’ll soon have hundreds of potential titles. The more proactive can then use these to create some less “by-the-numbers” articles or the higher time-taxed can send them to a willing freelancer to start work on.

In addition to blog titles, this is also a good way of making large lists of potential long tail keyword without having to write them all yourself. Just note that you’ll probably still want to go ahead and research the potential demand for these, after all you don’t want to dilute your keyword efforts too much with hundreds and hundreds of them.

It’s very simple to use, fill in the “keyword” column first, then add to the prefix and suffix columns as required. To run the prefix macro press CTRL+U and the suffix macro with CTRL+K, they’ll complete in different columns as you’ll see.

NOTE: You may need to enable macros in Excel before this will work.When you run the marco it will stop at the first empty cell in either the prefix or suffix columns, so make sure you don’t have any until the end of the list.

What are your thoughts on this? Worthwhile tool, or cheap short cut?



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