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Mozcation 2012 Entry Memories

Do you remember when Moz held their Mozcation competition? If so, that gives away how long you’ve been in this industry! 8 years ago (when Moz was SEOMoz) they offered a lucky city (or region) a chance to host a “Mozcation” conference. You just had to run a compelling campaign as to why you’d city would be the best place for the next one.

I created an entry for the 2012 competition (which, to my knowledge, was the last one), with a slightly embarrassing & dated effort. As part of a final send off  -I’m doing a spring clean no my hosting – I wanted post a few of my “favourite” parts here – y’known it was a different world back then!

mozcation 2012

One of the elements was photoshopping Roger into the region’s key towns/cities – because, messing around with photoshop was fun and so was Roger.


There’s still not a brand in this space who has a mascot/identity that left as much of a mark as Roger did. Searching back through this blog (as well as reading Rand’s book, Lost and Founder) made me realise how influential Moz was on the industry. Sadly, those entering it now won’t be as aware.


Even though Moz didn’t want to try and bring a conference to the East of England, the 8 years since creating this blog I’ve been working across Ipswich, Colchester, Cambridge & Norwich – it’s a cracking place all-in-all.


Last but not least, I wanted to leave you with this image, which is probably my favourite of the entire ‘campaign’.


Here’s my plea to Moz, safe to say I wouldn’t change a word of it!

The East of England, the rural heart of the UK, close enough to reach out and touch London, but far enough away to escape from it all.

So there are some old towns and everyone rides around of tractors – pretty backwards for SEO, right? WRONG!

The East of England has some of the best media agencies in the country, Colchester, Ipswich, Norwich, Cambridge and everywhere in between are home to some of the most innovative and passionate SEOs and digital marketeers.

It is this passion and sense of community from the area combined with the bands of skilled digital marketing professionals roaming the land that make the East of England a perfect place for MozCation 2012.

“But wait! The East of England isn’t a city!” Of course not, we’re bending the rules slightly, the East of England is so great we couldn’t just pick one – but don’t worry we’ll work something out.



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