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The Scheming Frog

Updated: Apr 4

If you've seen The Scheming Frog, this post is a small amount of background around the tech it is built on. Nothing too fancy, but something to help you understand how you might achieve something similar yourself.

If you haven't - check it out here.


The main reason is a because I'm a bit of a nerd and Gerry White egged me on to check if the domain is available - it was. But what to put on it...?

This turned into a great opportunity to test out Cloudflare pages (deploying directly to the Edge) and see how creative you can get with Open-AI when you want to.

The Scheming Frog was born.

My prevailing messages:

  1. These technologies (Edge tech and AI) are so accessible and can solve real marketing/business problems today - I'm messing about with them here, but believe me there are much cooler/business critical functions both can perform.

  2. It's easier to stay open to change & new things when you embrace playing & experimenting.

If you have a problem, there are some creative solutions which could really get things moving again. Edge and AI are two of those and their potential is only growing. If you want to discuss further you can find out more here or drop me a DM via twitter.

Built on the Edge

This one-pager is built on Cloudflare's Pages service. It couldn't be simpler (assuming you know basic HTML/CSS), you can connect to a Git repo or upload your files directly and CF deploys it.

Why would you want to do that?

  • Performance - it is making full use of the edge network, so it is fast.

  • Collaborative - if I wanted to work along-side a team to make commit changes and maintain version control - that's all built in

  • Workers - should you want to do any more fancy integration with Cloudflare workers it is pretty seamless.

For me & my use case it's free - which I also think is neat.

Created using AI

There has been a lot of commotion about AI generation of content recently & with good reason. The potentials to create content cheaply and the good & bad points around that are ones we (as an industry) are all seriously considering.

But if you use it for the right reason, it has a lot of potential.

Getting connected to Open-AI and generating a short cURL command to start pulling down content is very, very easy. Take a look at the docs here.

I requested some schemes the frog might hatch and tweaked the settings so I would get as much "creativity" as possible. It creates beauties such as:

I also enjoy hiding in unexpected places, like upside down in a tree or inside a log. My prankster friends and I will often team up to put on an impromptu frog circus for any unsuspecting victims that happen by.

These haven't been edited/curated in anyway beyond the request settings themselves.

For some final AI japes I asked an AI image maker to draw a "suspicious frog" - and that is the image you can see.

AI generated "suspicious frog" who looks kinda wrong
An AI generated "suspicious frog"

It is safe to say the text generation is further ahead, but this had a certain charm about it.

Just a final word, I love Screaming Frog and the team behind it - this whole thing is done in homage to them & the great tool they provide the industry with.



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