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Writing Monstermind

When working Monstermind by Bossa Studios I had two objectives, the first was more a narrative consultancy level and the second was producing the in game content and facebook feed messages.

For obvious reasons I can’t display everything here, but I can give you a glimpse into my thoughts and the finished product. If you haven’t given it a go yet, I strongly advise you do – it’s great!

Chris did some great work for us on the project, delivering work to a high standard, responding to feedback and always dealing with us in a professional and punctual fashion. His work has had a very clear effect on the quality of the game. Recommended. Mike Bithell, Lead Games Designer Bossa Studios

Much of the narrative consultancy isn’t immediately evident from playing the game, in fact one or two revisions made during QA displaced much of the original content. However, even so, Monstermind has one of the fullest narratives of any facebook game even if you can’t see it yet – and this was a clear intention from the start. Each character featured in game (and those lurking in the wings) have a backstory, and the game itself has a history, which explains all the events leading up to game start.Monstermind Samples Game content Missions

The feel of the game was 50s monster movie, and much of the in game elements reflect that. To complement the style it was up to me to retain that tongue-in-cheek humour and a b-movie sense of drama. So the order of the day was primarily “quirky” and you’ll see that throughout the screenshots below and in the downloadable samples above.

Check out the screenshots to see my monster descriptions in game, and check out the links on the right for samples of game content and mission text.

Chris Green is a narrative designer/games writer who loves to talk story. Having recently finished working with Bossa Studios on Monstermind, the first PvP Facebook RTS and worked as narrative designer on some indie projects, he’s always looking for that next, great project. Get in contact if you’re the one with that project!



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