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Getting Good at Social

An ever increasing part of my job includes guiding people on social media and how they need to integrate it into their business – or at least now how to harness it to gain that all important “engagement”.

But in all honesty social media’s tendrils stretch further than just the world of business – if it didn’t it wouldn’t be such a covetted area of the internet.


In some more recent bouts of advice-giving I’ve donated some of my guiding words to a promising new social media help site “Good at Social”. In particular I’ve focused on Google+ as it’s still the most misunderstood of the social networks (and for some, probably has the potential for being the most important in the future).

Whilst these posts are aimed at businesses, there’s a lot of great advice which everyone might take something away with them (including posts about Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest). My first three posts have already been published and the series are going to be published over the coming weeks – here they are:

Quite besides the quality, one of the most interesting elements about the site is the artwork which has been comissoned for use which each of the posts. With the growing prevailance of blogs and people who can use Photoshop or similar, we’re used to seeing hashed or bodged headers which are only just partly related to the content (or taken from elsewhere). GaS has some great bespoke artwork which supports each post really well and gives the site a little something else.

For those who want see them as they’re published keep checking back on the Google+ category or better yet, point your browser here to read the whole lot.



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