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Signal App Digital Marketing Groups

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Many of you will have heard/seen recently that Facebook’s invasion of WhatsApp user data has become more and more pervasive. Not a surprise really, and only a matter of time… bit of a shame still!

Either way, I have decided that I’m going to move away from WhatsApp – I’m not boycotting Facebook and Instagram totally (not yet anyway), I just want to limit/inhibit exactly how much data they have. I do love WhatsApp and one of the things I want to keep in touch with are the digital marketing groups I have on there.

Enter Signal

Signal App is what I’m replacing WhatsApp with – I’m not going to go into detail here as to why I made that decision, but you can read more on the app here.

Whatever platform you are on, without people it doesn’t work so I took to twitter to see who wanted to join me in some new groups. Turns out quite a few people are looking for a new community to get involved with!

Joining the Digital Marketing Communities on Signal

Signal seems to handle groups in almost exactly the same way as WhatsApp, which is really useful. I’ve been sending out invites all afternoon and it seems like the communities are starting to grow nicely. If you want to join (I’m not making the details public yet), please drop me a line via the tweet below or DM.

Looking to create some Signal (app) groups on the following topics, if you want in comment below or drop me a DM 📈 Tech SEO 📊Analytics/tag management/data studio ✍️ Content marketing/Digital PR Who wants in? Will fire them up if there’s enough interest. — Chris Green (@chrisgreen87) January 9, 2021



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