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Watch the World Fail

New Year’s resolutions – everyone loves them! Or not? I’ve never been one for setting unrealistic expectations based on arbitrary happenings (besides birthdays, Christmas, Easter, my wedding anniversary…), and resolutions have always felt pretty daft to me.

Nothing personal to those who prescribe to this – just not my bag really.

However, what does make this more interesting – possibly from an anthropological prospective, yet more likely from a pessimistic one – is being able to watch the world fail at their resolutions. Like All things, social media gives us an unparalleled ability to pry into the lives of others.

So the ubiquity of social media, the readiness of people to share everything over it and the technology which surrounds the two means we can watch the world fail their resolutions – in real time!

Here’s an interesting tool by Bottlenose which I stumbled upon yesterday, their Sonar tool helps visualise data across the web – it’s pretty neat, one of those things you could probably spend too long looking at.

If you want to get the full data Sonar pulls in, you should head to the Bottlenose Labs site (link above) and take a look!

For all those who like something simpler, here’s the same hashtag direct from Twitter – almost feels old school now considering how advanced social media analytics have become recently!

So are you going to keep procrastinating over the things you should be doing, or maybe you’re still doing the things you shouldn’t? You don’t have to make a resolution to do better, you also don’t have to use the hashtag to proclaim your failure (some of you seem really proud that you’ve been particularly rubbish – it’s only the 5th of Jan after all!), but it can make for our own entertainment, so don’t stop on my account.



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